August 10th – Closing Ceremony

Today, over 200 people attended the third and final summer program closing ceremony. We began by watching a film made by our photographer and students, documenting all the activities that occurred throughout the program (link to the video: Superintendent Zhang greeted all the participants and families and thanked all the summer staff for making the program a success. A select group of students shared their experiences at NYMA and each participant was awarded a certificate of completion. Additionally, leadership and best marksman awards were also given out to a number of students. We did it! Thanks to all for being part of our program and for coming to the closing ceremony. We hope our roads will cross again!

Our international students enjoined learning English songs. All of the guests and domestic students enjoyed singing along the song “Perfect” with them.

August 8th – Well It’s a Hot Hot Wednesday

This morning we visited Storm King Art Center, 500-acre outdoor museum located in the area. Our students experienced large-scale sculpture and site-specific commissions under open sky. In the afternoon, we paid a visit to the nation’s first publicly owned historic site where American history was made. There were so many evening activities – karaoke, origami, history class, computer science class, film class, open gym, and open pool……

August 6th – A New Week has Begun

In today’s public speaking class, students had to try to read the poem “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carrol and focus on how they presented it and not on the words themselves. Here is a photo of Dr. Webb and a few video clips from the class.


Some enjoyed kayaking today and the rest will do it within the next two days. Finally the weather was good enough for us to have a bonfire, although it took our staff a long time to get the fire started with wet wood. The whole evening was filled with fun activities – bubbles, glow sticks, ice cream, and running around!