August 4th – Midway of the Program

Today, approximately half of our domestic students visited New York City, along with all the international students. The other half stayed on campus, and got one extra hour of sleep, enjoyed a nice breakfast, participated in a number of on-campus activities, and also visited the Purple Heart Hall of Honor after lunch. New York City goers visited Columbia University, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 5th Avenue, and Times Square. What a day!

According to the forecast, tomorrow is a perfect hiking day, which is what many will do! How exciting!

August 3rd – End of Week 1

The weather hasn’t been kind to us the last few days so both the Leader Reaction Course at West Point last Wednesday and the ropes course last Thursday were shortened. However, students have been busy activities. We are all hoping for better weather because we have kayaking scheduled in the the coming days…

Tomorrow, some of the students will be visiting New York City and others will have an activity-filled day on campus.

August 1st – A Rainy West Point Day

Today, all of our participants spent the day at the United States Military Academy, also known as West Point. The day began with a three-hour Leader Reaction Course at West Point. At the Leader Reaction Course, each obstacle presents a unique physical and mental challenge that requires squads to plan and execute with only a certain amount of time. Despite the inclement weather conditions, students were brave enough to complete most of the tasks. In the afternoon, our students had a two-hour campus tour provided by the professional tour guides and enjoyed a visit at the West Point gift shop.

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Birthday celebration and friendship……

July 29th – Session III Kicks Off!

As of now, most of the participants have arrived except for a few who flew internationally. After dinner, some chose to unpack and settle down, while others played basketball in our beautiful gym. Tomorrow morning, everyone will be engaged in a full day of activities.

Please take a look at the following schedule to get an idea of what everyone will be doing for the next 12 days!Session III Students Version 20180729