August 14th – West Point

Wednesday was West Point day! Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, the participants did not have the chance to use the LRC, but they spent the morning at the West Point Museum, came back to campus for lunch, then went on the guided tour around the campus of West Point.


August 12th & 13th – Week 2 Begins

Monday and Tuesday of this week brought full days of classes, prior to our field trips on Wednesday and Thursday. All participants had the chance to go swimming during sports time on both these days! For leadership class, we had a special 2-part guest lecture from LTC(R) Dave Jones from West Point. Monday night was our bonfire night, with the Ice Mother truck stopping by to end the night with delicious ice cream and Italian ices. Everyone had a great time with water guns and friendly competition!


August 8th – Kayaking & Rifle

Participants started with classes in the morning, then had the chance to go kayaking on the Hudson and practice their aim in NYMA’s own rifle range. Those with the best aim will receive an award for best marksman at the closing ceremony next week. After, everyone spent sports time on the quad playing a competitive game of kickball, soaking in the beautiful weather before the thunderstorm hit!


August 5th & 6th – The Start of Session III

We made it to the final session here at NYMA! All our participants checked in and settled in on Sunday night, and rested up for full days of classes on Monday and Tuesday. Classes included leadership and survival for everyone, then either robotics or art, and either basketball bootcamp, cultural ESL, or printmaking for electives. We hope everyone has learned a lot so far!

In addition to classes and sports everyday, everybody played a rousing game of trivia on Monday night, then had the options of movie, gym, board games, or robotics on Tuesday night. Looking forward to 2 weeks of fun and good memories!