July 16th – An Exciting Tuesday

Today, our first two groups went kayaking on the Hudson! They also had a chance to visit the rifle range on campus and practice their shooting. Those with the best aim will receive an award for best marksmen at the closing ceremony. Tonight, we had a bonfire (lit by our own Sgt. Waring, survival teacher pictured in the hut) with the Ice Mother truck with delicious ice cream and Italian ices for the kids. Everyone had a lot of fun with water guns, spraying each other when it was least expected. What a great end to a long, hot day!


July 13th & July 14th – A Very Busy Weekend

What a weekend! While some of our students enjoyed a 2-day visit to New York City and toured the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the 911 Memorial, Wall Street, and the United Nations, others stayed local and went on a hiking trip, went bowling, and played mini golf near NYMA. A lot of participants even had the energy to go swimming at night!

Tomorrow, our students will return to their regular routine and will attend classes, electives, sports, and evening activities.

July 11th – Day 4

The participants had another day full of classes and activities, including survival, leadership, art, and sports! The second group had a chance to go to the pool for sports, while everyone else was in the gym due to the rain. Hope everyone is learning a lot and having fun so far!

July 10th – West Point

Today marked everyone’s first field trip! In the morning, the participants went to West Point’s Leader Reaction Course (LRC), where they had to work together as a team to go through several stations of an obstacle course. It required everyone to exercise their physical and mental strength!

Everyone returned to West Point in the afternoon for a tour of the campus, while learning about the history of the school. After the tour, the participants had a chance to rest and wash up before dinner. The evening was, once again, full of activities – board games, a movie, and basketball!

July 9th – Classes, Sports, and Formation!

Today marks the second full day our participants have been at NYMA! In the morning, the participants worked on their formation and drill, as well as attended survival, robotics, and/or art class.

Some of the kids got to swim for sports today, and everyone was a natural in the pool! The evening brought board games for some, a movie for others, and basketball for the rest.

Tomorrow will be our first field trip! Everyone will be going to the Leader Reaction Course at West Point in the morning for a team-building obstacle course, and then going on a tour of West Point in the afternoon. Stay tuned for photos!

July 8th – The First Day

Today, the day started off with orientation and a campus tour. After lunch, the participants split up into art, where everyone worked on Shrinky Dinks and made some great looking pieces, or robotics, where the class got started on building their machines. After that, everyone went to survival class where our very own Sgt. Waring taught the participants survival skills and so much more!

Our first day of sports consisted of basketball, soccer, and flag football. The groups will rotate sports every few days, so everyone gets a chance to try their hand at a variety of sports!

To top off the night, the participants listened to a leadership presentation given by LTC (R) Dave Jones from West Point, where everyone will be going on Wednesday. Hope everyone had a good first day!